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Lata Bukit PerakBukit Perak Recreational Forest is located in Pendang, Kedah. It is an ideal spot for relaxing dips, picnics and camping with its surrounding rocky outcrops and landscape.

This forest is classified as lowland dipterocarp forest that has wide variety of flora and fauna. Species of plants can found here includes meranti melantai, meranti langgong, meranti tembaga, meranti seraya and others.

This waterfall nestles among hills of primary tropical rainforest, which provides a scenic backdrop. The falls is not spectacular but with a shallow stream suitable for wading or paddling.

Visitors will get the opportunity to see rubber plantations and paddy fields along the journey to this recreational forest. Among basic facilities provided are car parks,toilets and rest huts.

For overnight stays, the KEDA Tunjung Lahar village nearby at 10 km from the waterfalls offers a traditional style lodging organised by the Village Traditional Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA).

There are about 496 people of 104 families living in the village. Main economic activities here are rubber tapping, farming, business, traditional cakes, chicken processing, handicraft making and etc.

At this village, visitors will get to experience this traditional live style and expose to the cultural activities such as 'nasyid', 'burdah', 'berendoi', 'marhaban', 'Tomoi Thai', 'gendang Keling' and also the pleasure to taste the local fruits. Other attractions is Songkran Festival which is held in around 4 month every year.

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Homestay Desa KEDA Lahar Tunjung
, Pendang, KEDAH
Tel: 604-7595803  Faks: 604-7596709

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