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Rises above the surrounding plains at 1217 m (3993 ft) above sea level and visible for miles around, is the legendary Gunung Jerai formally known as Kedah Peak. 

It is located at the border of Kuala Muda -Yan districts of Kedah and is about 24 km from Sungai Petani town. The highest mountain in the state of Kedah offers a spectacular views of the valley below, including nearby islands of Pulau Bunting, Pulau Sonsong, Pulau Telor and Pulau Bidan.

Gunung Jerai now has a brand new look since it was privatised and undergone renovation. It is managed by The Regency and the place is reopened as Jerai Hill Resort.

Gunung Jerai plays a most important part in the history of Kedah. Years before Melaka became a central trading hub, the Indian and Arab merchants preferred Kedah as it is geographically positioned on the same latitude as Southern India. In those days, the ships got to their destinations by hugging close to the coastlines so that they didn't float away into the vast, open sea. This means that the ships could sail due east or west through the Bay of Bengal without getting lost. The highest peak of kedah being the only visible landmark identifiable from miles away, commands a magnificent view of the coastal plain, the Merbok estuary to the south and the sea.

Gunung Jerai (Mount Jerai)

And during World War II, Gunung Jerai was once again used for strategic means by the British army where trenches were built close to the peak where the lay in wait for the enemy coming in from the sea. The trenches are still there, snaking its way along the slopes of Gunung Jerai.

The Jerai Hill Resort is accessible by car at 12 km of winding road to its peak.  And alternatively, for adventurous climbers may take about two-hour trek following the trails to the resort. Guide services are available and pickup vans at the foothills ready to take visitors up to this well-known hill resort.

Visitors may also find a Memorial Stone of the Wan Mat Saman Canal at the foothills of Gunung Jerai. In 1885, the canal were dug from Sungai Pengkalan Kundur in Kampong Tandop, Kota Setar to the foothills of Gunung Jerai at the riverbank of Sungai Titi Teras.

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To reach the resort by car through the 12 km winding road  from the  foothills  will take about  half an hour.

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