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Pekan Rabu (Alor Setar)Pekan Rabu ( Wednesday Market ) is located in the middle of Alor Setar, near government offices at Jalan Tunku Ibrahim.

It was officially opened on 25th.February 1978. Although the name literally means “Wednesday Market”, but due to its popularity and demand by locals as well as tourists, it is open all week long from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm daily.
The initial site of Pekan Rabu was established at Tanjung Chali as early as 1920 for the purpose of training the Malays in the business led by YTM Tunku Yaacob, the son of the late Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah (the 18th Sultan of Kedah).

The remarkable success of the market has been a pride of  Malay entreprenuers in Kedah but also the  pride of all Malay's in Kedah. Even, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir was once a trader at Pekan Rabu during the World War II, Japanese Occupation of Malaya.

This multistorey complex has around 347 stalls selling wide variety of items from delicious tidbits to beautiful handicrafts.Visitors may find some of the famous Malay traditional foods available in this bustling market such as serunding, dodol durian and kuah rojak or garam belacan when strolling in the arcade.

Important Contacts

Koperasi Pekan Rabu at  Tel: +604-7355523 or 7313846.
Tourism Malaysia Kedah Office at  Tel: +604-7312322 or +604-7301322.

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