Kota Kuala Muda Virtual Tour 

Kota Kuala MudaKota Kuala Muda is located at the mouth of Sungai Muda. It is a small fishing village and  is about 25 km from Sungai Petani.

The well-known historical remains of  the town is  its  fort, which was built in the 18th century.

In ancient time, Kuala Muda was an important port in Kedah. It continued to flourish after the British occupied Penang Island, stimulated by the rise in trade and prosperity of Penang.

In 1811 Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin made Kuala Muda his residence, to escape increasing pressure from the Thai. When the Thais invaded Kedah in 
1821, he was still living in Mudla Muda. Eventually, however, he went into exile in Penang.

The Thais occupied Kedah for 21 years. During this time the economy of Kedah suffered under their rule, and the glory days of Kuala Muda as a significant port came to an end. Whispering Hall

Other attractions of this town is the unique ways of  fish marketing activities at  the Whispering Hall ( Balai Bisik) , where
buyers and sellers whispers to each other every morning till afternoon on a daily basis for fish auction.

The highest bidder gets the goods from whispering  to the ears and no shoutings at all.  
Freshy caught  fish, crabs, squids, prawns are brought in by fishing crews to the site for the whispering auction.  It is a  truly the busiest part of the morning at the hall and if you are lucky enough,  you might win the bid  home from this trip with your whispering power.

Tsunami Monument

The trip can never be complete without  a visit to the Tsunami  Monument and the location affected to witness the after-impact of mother nature at Kota Kuala Muda in 26th December ,2004 disaster which resulted over 4000 people made homeless and to be evacuated and placed in temporary shelter in 8 schools.
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