Church of Christ the King ( Sungai Petani )
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Church of Christ the King  is located along Jalan Kolam Air adjacent to Convent Father Barre School or best describe as opposite to Sungai Petani Inn in Sungai Petani, Kedah. It is the most distinguished church among the churches within Sungai Petani town. This Catholic church was blessed and officially opened by the first bishop of  Penang, H.Ex Msgr Fancis Chan  on the 21st of  November 1956.

Bishop Fancis Chan was born in Singapore on 25th July 1913. He had been appointed as the first bishop of Penang in 25th of Feb 1955 and became an Ordained Bishop on the same year. He has died at the age of 54 on the 20th of Dec 1967, due to suffering from terminal cancer and was nursed by the "Grey Sisters" (French Sisters of the Foreign Missions). He invited the Grey Sisters to open a nursing home for cancer patients. However, The Grey Sisters withdrew from the project in 1969. In 1974, the Mount Miriam Hospital in Penang Island was constructed and completed by a request made by his successor, Bishop Gregory Yong.

Church of Christ The King, Sungai Petani
The Church of Christ The King , Sungai Petani. Kedah

Crucifixion Cross Shape Design
The church building has a window with a Crucifixion Cross-shaped Design

Inside the Sanctuary 
The sanctuary area spans almost the entire width of the church in an impressive manner

Altar of Church of Christ the King

The majestic statue of Christ the King is enshrined right above the altar

Withing the grounds of Church of Christ the king