Beris Lake Vineyard ( Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris ) Virtual Tour

Ladang Anggur Tasik BerisPossible of growing grapes in Malaysia ?. To find out, look no further than visiting a vineyard located far north in Kedah state that bears fruits in large scale.

The Beris Lake Vineyard (Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris) is managed by Excel Agrotech Sdn. Bhd. and has a land area size of 34 acres. It is the first grape vineyard in Kedah, proven a big success in commercial grape growing of species such as Black Opal, Black Grape, White Malaga and Loose Pelite. The vineyard also has been visited by the Royal Highness of Kedah, DYTM Raja Muda Kedah.

The vineyard is strategically located beside the scenic Beris Lake at the first bridge over the lake, where a welcome signboard will leads visitors direct to the farm. Visitors will have a wonderful experience touring around the vineyard to learn about grapes growing process from planting to harvesting.

Grapes are an excellent fruit for fresh use or processing into jam, jelly, juice, pie, or wine. The Beris Lake Vineyard also selling fresh grapes, juice, jam and cordial on the spot and even the transplant grape plants for visitors who are interested in growing grapes at home.

Visitor Information

Managed By :  Excel Agrotech Sdn. Bhd.
Open daily from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

Self-Harvesting : RM40 / kg
*Estate Entry - RM2.00
Adult - RM2.00 / Children (7 years old - 12 years old) - RM1.00


Beris Lake Vineyard  (Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris)
Lot 264, Kampung Ternas
08200 Sik. Kedah Darul Aman
Tel : 604-4620466    
H/P : 019-5667908

Fax : 604-4620611 
Email :

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