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Sungai Petani's taxi station is located at Jalan Petri and next to itsSungai Petani Taxi Station Bus Station.  The nearby budget hotels  are  Hotel Duta  and  Lucky Restoran &  Hotel.  

Within the taxi station, there are row of  barber shops in a narrow lane.  The shops with 2 or 4 barber chairs, facing a mirrored wall, with its opposing wall also mirrored.  

And around the corner of the shops you may also easily find a shoesmith busy repairing sandals awaits to service you.

If you are not in a hurry, you may get  a haircut done or get your shoes mended just- in-time before boarding a taxi.

Alternatively, visitors may also wait  for a taxi at taxi stand  right in front of Sungai Petani's bus station.